Affective Computing

“EmpathAI” is our core “affecting computing” technology.

EmpathAI is a system that, through the use of non-invasive sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, integrates computer vision and affective computing techniques to recognize the identity of users, detect their degree of” formal attention “(i.e. behavioral), and classify their motivational states of deep involvement (engagement).

The EmpathAI system will be marketed with two different B2B business solutions, initially addressed to the specific business needs of the Video Games and Digital Learning Industries.

EmpathAI4eAttention: for e-learning platforms, a plug-in available in the cloud that will be integrated into the corporate digital training platforms to certify the user’s identity and his “formal attention” to the e-learning course (expressed through the facial expressions, body posture, etc.);

EmpathAI4eMotivation: an artificial intelligence tool to monitor the deep motivational states (engagement) of video gamers or users who participate in experiential training, classic or based on new technologies.

Building of the video gamer motivation state, EmpathAI4eMotivation could shape and autonomously adapt the game features to enhance the gaming experience.

Experiential training mainly involves the acquisition of soft-skills based on first-person experiences that can be supported / assisted by innovative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and immersive digital experiences, all technologies that can be perfectly integrated with EmpathAI4eMotivation.

The technology at the heart of the system offers the possibility to extend the range of applications and products and the company intends to enhance business opportunities in other markets (HealthCare / Medical Devices, Marketing, Road Safety, Human Resources Services, HR Interaction, etc ..)