AI2Life for Games

Videogames and Artificial Intelligence have been coupled since the inception of the latter, back in the 1950s. This combination is still solid in many of today’s fields of AI research.
We support the development of strategic games to promote studies on cognitive intelligence and psychology, which, in turn, provide insight to improve the gaming experience.

Infinities is a strategic game based on the idea of a ‘yinyang universe’, where two complementary gravitational-like forces, of opposite polarity, shape geodetics in the space-time continuum. The goal of the game, here in its demonstrative version, is to allow the taijitu vector to reach its target, a Lotus flower, by free-falling in the designed force field. Like in the game of golf, the gamer’s score is compared with a PAR score, which depends on an estimated difficulty of the loaded level. Every attempt counts, and the player’s challenge is to minimize such a score by limiting the number of its attempts. The purpose of this scoring system is to reward analytic over erratic behaviors. Moreover, the graphic interface has been designed to convey the amount of information needed to solve the proposed puzzles.
To play, move orbs and antiorbs – the attractive and repulsive sources – to the green spots and tap on the taijitu vector to let it in free-fall. The right configuration of orbs and antiorbs will lead the vector to its target, the Lotus flower, creating another cosmic setting.

T H E   G H O S T   W E A V E R
To collect a relevant amount of data and support research, we need captivating content able to attract players. To this end, this project directly refers the golden age of 2D adventure games, when iconic titles, such as The secret of monkey island or The day of the tentacle were released. Characterized by powerful storytelling, charming and insightful irony, these games are still popular today in the players’ community.
The Ghost Weaver narrates the story of the clash between a “hero”, Evo, and an alien from outer space called Fifteen Point (AKA Mongo). The oneiric setting of this story allows dissecting various themes related to psychology and cognition.